Upcoming Monday webinars by Aberystwyth University

More news just in from my Welsh correspondent.

Aberystwyth Uni has put together two new series of webinars for 6th Form/FE students. They start on Monday but continue through October and November. The first series is:

“What are Admissions Tutors Looking For?”

These are 30-minute faculty-based webinars featuring input from admissions tutors across a range of disciplines and designed to be relevant to applications UK-wide not just to Aber. They’re primarily aimed at Year 13 students, but Year 12s who are already researching their options will also be very welcome.

These events all run from 1.30 to 2.00pm and the dates are: 

Monday 5th October: Arts & Social Sciences (including Theatre / Film / Art / English / Modern Languages / Welsh / Law / Politics / History)

Monday 12th October: Sciences (including Geography / Biology / Computer Science / Mathematics / Physics) 

Monday 19th October: Business Management (including Business & Management / Marketing / Economics / Accounting / Mathematics & Finance) 

The content of each webinar is likely to cover: 

  • What it’s like to study these subjects, broadly and at Aber;
  • What type of students flourish and excel and what they gain from studying these courses;
  • What the application process looks like and whether Aber’s approach differs much from other unis;
  • What the uni looks for in applications and how to make yours stand out, with a particular focus on personal statements.

The events will be run on Bluejeans (https://www.bluejeans.com/) and participants will be able to join using laptops, tablets and mobile devices. If any school groups are in a position to take part, they’re advised to connect with one device and project onto a screen. Viewers can interact with the uni via a microphone and/or typed comments and questions. Full details will be sent to those who’ve registered prior to the event. Booking is via the registration form at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/79LXW8Z?

The second series is:

“The Challenges of 2030”

These will all be 45-minute subject-centred webinars held on Mondays at 12.00 noon (except for Geography at 2.00pm).

5th October: Geography (Mark Whitehead) – this will include reflections on the Smart Technology Revolution, just one example of the breadth that Geography spans as an academic discipline

12th October: History (Arddun Arwyn) – this one will include the challenges of fake news, conspiracy theories and the like; sounds fascinating

19th October: Theatre & Film Studies (Louise Ritchie)

2nd November: Criminology/Law (Lowri Cunningham Wynn) – this includes a focus on Criminology’s contribution to the climate crisis debate; equally fascinating

9th November: Business (Ian Harris)

16th November: Computer Science (Amanda Clare)

23rd November: Mathematics (Adil Mughal)

30th November: Biological/Environmental Sciences (Russ Morphew)

Details and booking for these are via the Channeltalent website (https://www.channeltalent.co.uk/events/list/). Some of these are already bookable and others will appear on the event list in the near future.  

Alan Bullock 2/10/2020 

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