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+ 44 01329 231889 (landline)

+44 07748 498123 (mobile)

And you can find me on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.




Alan Bullock is a registered sole trader and Alan Bullock Careers is used as a trading name.

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 The lighthouse picture was taken by me early one morning off the coast of Brittany – a guiding light in troubled waters. 

With special thanks to my friend and fellow-freelancer Theresa Petzold and to Andy Bullock – without their patient and inspirational help several years ago I would not have a website at all. I know the site is now looking very old-fashioned and inefficient and that it breaks most of the rules of what a good website should be, but it works for me and I’m not changing it! (SEOs please note)


Alan is a Registered Career Development Professional and Fellow of the Career Development Institute.


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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Dear Alan

    I have a well educated son who is lost and disillusioned with the education system. Please can we have a quick chat?

    Linda Firmani

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