Services and Prices

If the fees quoted below are not feasible for you, please do still get in touch and I will be happy to have a conversation about any ways that I can help.  

I can offer:

  • Individual careers advice and guidance, whether face-to-face or by telephone or other electronic means
  • Guidance on university and/or apprenticeship choices
  • Advice on creating an effective UCAS personal statement
  • Advice sessions with small groups
  • Writing articles on career, higher education or apprenticeship choices and applications

Summary of fees and prices

Services to individuals:

  • In effect, I have a no-win-no-fee policy and I don’t make a charge until or unless some positive progress has been made.
  • An initial conversation to discuss how I can help will be free of charge. Thereafter I now charge £75 for a one-off guidance consultation, or £100 for a guidance consultation followed by a reasonable amount of correspondence and support during subsequent weeks. This might rise to between £150 and £450 if ongoing guidance and support is agreed for a longer period of up to a year, or up to a maximum of £750 for a period of two years. If significant travel or other additional demands are involved, then this could rise further but only by mutual consent. However, at present most of my work is being carried out remotely.
  • It is also possible to arrange for a shorter discussion, meeting, on-line guidance, advice on a UCAS personal statement or the supply of some information for anything between £10 and £75.
  • Individual guidance can be conducted face-to-face, by email, phone, Zoom, Teams or other remote methods.
  • There is flexibility around these prices depending on individual needs and I don’t make a charge unless my clients are completely satisfied. Please contact me if you wish to discuss your individual requirements and whether I can assist you within the constraints of my existing commitments.

Services to graduates and adults: 

  • If you’re a graduate, or an adult seeking advice on career change or re-entering the job-market, then I’m probably not the best person to help. I’m not an expert on advising graduates or adults, although I’m always happy to have an informal conversation by telephone. However, for this I would especially recommend the services of two professional colleagues:
  • Hannah Morton-Hedges at
  • Polly Wiggins at
  • Or if you need help in developing your confidence and a positive self-image, I would recommend my colleague Emma Gotz, an inspirational Style Consultant with many years’ experience of careers guidance too. Emma’s website is and she will happily work with clients of all ages.  

Services to schools, colleges or other organisations: 

  • After almost 45 years as a guidance practitioner, I regret to say that I’m now starting to scale down my work with schools. However, do feel free to contact me as I will continue to provide some services myself or in collaboration with a partner organisation.

Below are a few more illustrations of activities I’ve been involved with in recent years, starting with the venue for an “Options at 18 in a Changing World” talk I gave to students and parents in the inspiring setting of Christ’s Hospital School Chapel on a Sunday evening in January 2020.


Presenting “Things Ain’t What They Used To Be” for the Prospects Group at the Soho Hotel London in June 2018.


I had a very enjoyable couple of hours working with this engaging group of students at the Sussex Study Experience “Careers & Pathways Day” at University of Sussex in July 2015.

Visiting University of St Andrews, February 2015

Visiting University of St Andrews.  

Visiting Innovation Space in Portsmouth, September 2016

Visiting Innovation Space in Portsmouth.

After a Careers Writers Association meeting in London.

A Careers Writers Association meeting on Zoom in November 2020.

13 thoughts on “Services and Prices

  1. Hi Alan
    My daughter, Tayla and I attended your presentation at Jumeriah College recently and found it extremely informative.
    She has just completed her AS in Maths, Business, Economics and Media Studies. We are South African, so has a SA Uni option in mind but first choice is UK (Loughborough being 1st choice). We need assistance with selection & personal statement. She is planning a uni look see last week in Aug, not ideal timing, but difficult being based in Dubai. She will look at Loughborough, Leeds & Edinburgh at Economics/Business/HR sandwich degrees ideally. Her strength
    Seems to be Maths & is hoping for a combo of A & B’s. She had an assessment that demonstrated high interpersonal & analytical skills. Not sure what other info I could provide but look forward to your response. Many thanks Shannon

    • Hi Shannon
      Thanks for getting in touch. I will be pleased to help Tayla and, if you don’t mind, I will get back to you shortly by email – please look out for an email from I’m actually speaking at a UCAS conference in London today and a school in the Midlands tomorrow, but I will find a few minutes to respond to you in between and suggest how we might proceed.
      Kind regards

  2. Dear Mr. Bullock, New England Conservatory suggested contacting a private career counselor. You were listed on the internet. I can’t afford your fee, unfortunately. Gerald A. Read

  3. Hi Gerald
    Please could you advise if your available to support my daughter with her university choices as she is currently finishing AS levels and would be intending to apply for a university placement this autumn to study veterinary medicine.
    We live just outside of Belfast, Northern Ireland giving our location I was wondering if a zoom meeting would be possible.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Emma
      It’s Alan here – I think Gerald was the person who previously messaged me on this page. I would be pleased to try and help, but recently there has been a lot of demand for guidance and it will be a week or two before I can confirm a time for a Zoom meeting. I would be happy to keep in touch with you though, perhaps by email. So could you make contact with me at or
      With thanks,

      • Hi Alan

        Apologies I realise my typo, sorry.
        Thank you for getting back to me, I will send an email to the address you supplied thank you.

  4. Hi Alan
    You previously helped my daughters at St John’s College Southsea when they were deciding on what degree they wanted to undertake. My third daughter has just finished Y12 and is not sure what she might want to do (potentially Product design engineering) or something along those lines. Are you able to give any guidance? Many thanks in advance

  5. Hello Alan
    My 16 year old daughter needs some guidance, She will sit her GCSE’S next year.
    She’s always wanted to be a doctor but since starting her GCSE’S she’s changed her mind although she’s predicted a grade 9.
    Maths is her favourite subject followed by chemistry and physics.
    She’s not sure what A levels to take as now she’s not sure what’s open to her or what she’d like to do.
    Would this be something you can help with?

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