My UCAS personal statement articles, updated in March 2023

A free resource for applicants, parents, schools, colleges and advisers

With UCAS personal statements due to be reformed in time for 2025 entry, my popular articles on this topic now have a limited lifespan. However, I think they’re still very relevant for students who are preparing to apply to uni for 2024 entry (or for deferred entry in 2025) and also for anyone making a late application for 2023. I’ve slightly tweaked or updated them too.

In the last three years they’ve had around 7,500 views and I’ve reproduced them below as a free resource.

I’ve had two books and lots of articles published on personal statements over the course of the past fifteen years. Hence, as this is probably my final fling on this particular theme, I’ve chosen one of my numerous sunset photos as my featured image. It was taken from an Isle of Wight ferry coming into Portsmouth.

To find the three articles, just click on the link below:

© Alan Bullock Careers, 5/3/2023

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