Aberystwyth Uni offers new course in Veterinary Science (2021) and joint courses in Climate Change (2020)

Aberystwyth University is starting its new 5-year Veterinary Science degree in autumn 2021 in conjunction with the Royal Veterinary College, which will see students studying full-time in Aberystwyth for Years 1 and 2, before transferring to the RVC’s Hawkshead campus in Hertfordshire. Further information about Aberystwyth Veterinary School is available Here and your enquiries are welcomed by Head of the School of Veterinary Science, Professor Darrell Abernethy (Email daa47@aber.ac.uk).  

Aberystwyth also has a long history of environmental and climate research and believes that students across the spectrum of disciplines should have the opportunity to become better informed about the science behind these issues, and to explore how these topics relate to their subject of interest.

Accordingly, the university has launched new degrees in Climate Change & Business, Climate Change & Economics, Climate Change & Biology, Climate Change & International Politics and Climate Change & English Studies for 2020 entry. 

To mark the launch of these degrees, the university will be running a series of free webinars, especially suitable for Year 12/13 students with a general interest in the Climate debate, on the Channel Talent website Here.

These will be: 

Climate Change & International Politics 14th May 2020 1.00pm-2.00pm: Details and booking form Here

Climate Change & Business 21st May 2020 1.00pm – 2.00pm: Details and booking form Here

Further webinars have been arranged, as below, with details and booking forms due to appear in the near future on the Channel Talent site:

Climate Change & Biology – 28/5/20 

Climate Change & Geography – 4/6/20 

Climate Change & Economics – 11/6/20 

Climate Change & English Studies – 18/6/2020 

Alan Bullock, 11/5/2020

Information supplied by my colleague Barrie Clark on behalf of the university

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